Web data as the driver for positive change

The Bright Initiative by Bright Data is a global program providing NGOs, NPOs, academic institutions and public bodies with pro-bono access to leading data technology and expertise to drive positive change.

The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI)

World experts in identifying and forecasting threats and the spread of misinformation and disinformation across social media platforms

  • NCRI provides pioneering technology, research and analysis to identify cyber-social threats, the spread of hostile ideologies, political deception and hate and manipulation on the internet that create distrust in institutions, capital markets, public health and safety
  • Uses Bright Data to search public social media channels, such as Instagram and TikTok, to identify possible indicators of sinister activity that can develop into actual violence

Human Trafficking Initiative (HTI) Labs

Fights human and sex trafficking through data-driven research pool and risk map

  • HTI Labs is an Omaha-based women-led organization, combating violence through data-driven research and technology
  • Uses Bright Data’s infrastructure to build a tool targeting soliciting websites to detect sinister behavior and assist those at risk (potentially victims of human trafficking).

Tracking Exposed

Develops tools to uncover how internet tracking and profiling have an impact on society
  • Tracking Exposed brings about internet transparency and protects its users by building free software to investigate the most influential algorithms of our society, including the recommender systems of the most visited websites in the world.
  • Using Bright Data’s infrastructure, Tracking Exposed has enhanced its geolocation capabilities, allowing it to research algorithms not only based on preferences but also on location, exposing how these algorithms target users across the globe and suppress freedom of expression.


Treats and transforms the lives of youth in distress

  • For over 37 years, ELEM has been reaching over 100,00 young people annually who face tremendous challenges, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, neglect, bullying, homelessness and prostitution
  • With the help of The Bright Initiative by Bright Data, ELEM searches for digital signs, mainly on social media, for possible cases of abuse

Supporting the UK Government’s National Data Strategy (NDS)

  • The Bright Initiative is involved in this first-of-its-kind data-driven initiative, looking at ways data can assist in fueling the UK’s economy and in building a world-leading data economy while ensuring public trust in data use
  • Acting as advisers to the NDS forum, co-chaired by the UK’s Minister of State for Media and Data and active members in the UK Data Skills Taskforce

Queen Mary University of London

  • Queen Mary University of London is a leading research-intensive university with a difference – one that opens the doors of opportunity to anyone with the potential to succeed
  • Queen Mary Careers and The Bright Initiative by Bright Data collaborated on a data skills workshop: Understanding how data is a positive force in society

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