Insomniac proxy integration

Insomniac Proxy Integration

What is Insomniac?

Insomniac is an online purchasing tool allowing you to hide your digital footprint through its multi-session browser. Insomniac browser allows you to apply one proxy per tab and hide your online footprint by applying a different IP address for every tab you open.

How to setup Insomniac with Bright Data proxies:

Set-up for Insomniac browser

  • Download and install the Insomniac browser
  • Open Insomniac browser
  • Click on Insomniac Proxy Per TabManage Proxy List
  • In the extension, click the Add a Single Proxy tab
Manage proxy list of insomniac proxy per tab

Integrating Insomniac with Bright Data Proxies

  • Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Create a Zone
  • Choose your Network Type
  • Click Save
  • In Insomniac Proxy Per Tab click on the Add single Proxy tab and copy your proxy details:
    • Host name:
    • Port: 22225
    • Username: enter your Bright Data Zone username
  • Copy the Bright Data Zone password (found in the Zone settings) to the password field in Insomniac
  • Click Add proxy
Proxy per tab by insomniac proxy
  • In the Proxy Per Tab extension, select Rotate through the proxy in order
  • This particular selection will automatically select a proxy port for each tab in linear order versus random order
select Rotate Through proxies in order

Integrating Multiple Proxy Manager ports with Insomniac

  • Download Proxy Manager
  • Click Add new Proxy to create a new port
  • Select the new port (24XXX)
  • Go to the General tab in the port settings
  • In the Multiply proxy port field select the number of proxy ports to create. This will create multiple proxy ports with the same settings
  • Your Spreadsheet Contains the following columns:
    • Custom Name: Add a name for each proxy
    • Host:
    • Port: 24XXX
    • Username, Password, and Tags: leave EMPTY(the Proxy Manager has already been authenticated with the Super Proxy)
  • Save the file as a CSV and not as an XLS or XLSX
  • In Insomniac Proxy per tab extension select Manage Proxy list, and select Add bulk proxies
  • Select Import proxy list and upload the CSV file
Add bulk proxies

Get proxies for Insomniac

Proxy-Arten für jeden Bedarf

Residential Proxys

  • 72,000,000+ IPs
  • Verfügbar in 195 Ländern
  • Das größte rotierende Real-Peer-IP-Netz
  • Zugriff auf und Crawlen durch alle anspruchsvollen Websites

Datacenter Proxys

  • 770,000+ IPs
  • Verfügbar in 195 Ländern
  • Geteilte und dedizierte IP-Pools verfügbar
  • Schneller Zugriff auf nicht komplexe Websites


  • 700,000+ IPs
  • Verfügbar in 35 Ländern
  • Echte statische private IPs ohne IP-Rotation
  • Optimal für die Anmeldung an mehreren Konten

Mobile Proxies

  • 7,000,000+ IPs
  • Verfügbar in 195 Ländern
  • Größtes echtes Peer-3G/4G-IP-Netz der Welt
  • Mobil-Anzeigen überprüfen und durch Mobil-Websites crawlen

Der führende Anbieter von Proxies und Datenerfassung

Category leader in proxies
Täglich werden 650TB an öffentlichen Daten gesammelt
Number of ISP proxies
Neue Funktionen werden täglich veröffentlicht
Serving 7/10 universities
Skalierung auf Unternehmensniveau
Trust pilot ratings
4.8/5 höchste Trustpilot-Bewertung in der Branche

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