Roi Krakovski

CEO, Usearch

Usearch, a leading data structuring company, specializes in answering complex questions that require extensive data analysis. While popular search engines like Google and GPT excel at providing quick answers, they fall short when it comes to delivering comprehensive results for in-depth inquiries. Usearch’s mission is to bridge this gap by collecting and structuring vast amounts of publicly available web data.

Usearch chose Bright Data as their trusted partner due to several key factors. 

  • Bright Data offers competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective solution for Usearch’s data needs. 
  • Moreover, Bright Data ensures high-quality data collection, providing reliable results from sources like Google Maps and LinkedIn. 

This combination of affordability and quality sets Bright Data apart from competitors.

The Joint Process:

Bright Data’s suite of products has revolutionized Usearch’s data acquisition process. With the web unlocker, Usearch efficiently scrapes structured data from websites such as LinkedIn and Google Maps. Additionally, the SERP API assists in targeted searches on Google, identifying relevant web pages with potential answers. By leveraging these tools, Usearch has streamlined data acquisition, gaining a competitive edge.

The ability to access and analyze extensive data sets has allowed Usearch to accurately answer intricate questions for their clients. With Bright Data’s reliable infrastructure and exceptional data quality, Usearch has experienced significant growth and success.

  • “We are analyzing approximately 50 million pages per month, about 2% of them are difficult pages that we seek your assistance to access.”
  • Building an internal infrastructure like Bright Data is not an easy task. Initially, we considered developing such an internal solution, but the development cost would be higher than the overall usage expenses. In my opinion, to optimize the use of your service, I would need a dedicated team of 3-4 full-time members

“I think that Bright Data’s team is excellent and would definitely recommend their products to other startups. The solution and infrastructure they have are great”

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