George Koutsoudopoulos
CEO von tgndata
Beste Datenqualität und Datenquantität sind das Wichtigste und genau so funktioniert die Kombination von Bright Data und tgndata.
Charmagne Cruz
Leiterin der Abteilung Reporting & Analytics, Business Technologies and Pricing bei Shopee Philippines Inc.
Meiner Erfahrung nach ist der Service, den Bright Data bietet, von unschätzbarem Wert, da das Unternehmen wirklich versucht, seine Kunden zu verstehen. Bright Data hat uns bei der Ausarbeitung von Ideen geholfen, wie wir mehr Webdaten sammeln können, um unseren wachsenden Anforderungen gerecht zu werden, und durch Gespräche mit den Support- und Entwicklungsmitarbeitern konnten wir viele unserer Prozesse optimieren.
Yorgos Panzaris
CTO at Convert Group
We are really impressed with the reliability, and very happy with Bright Data overall. We have a regular communication channel with our account manager, who is very helpful.
Cheddi Rai
CEO at AdRetreaver
We are very pleased with the partnership with Bright Data. Everything’s been good, the network has been very stable, we’re happy with the customer service and the support staff is bar none in our book.
David Barros
Data Scientist at Worten
We are genuinely pleased with the decision we made. The service has already added a lot of value to our business, it is easy to use, stable and robust.
David Patiño Montoya
Data Engineer at Shopee Colombia
The partnership with Bright Data has helped us grow our data sources to create decision-making processes that are based on multiple sources of information — allowing us to gain strategic advantages and accelerate our growth in new markets.
Tariq Al Hosani
CEO at Zero Gravity Solutions
We found that when managing marketing for various social media accounts (clients), it’s critical to have a strong and dependable network on which to run our operations in order to maximize our capabilities, which Bright Data delivers.
Francisc Czobor from Cars2Click
Francisc Czobor
Product owner at Cars2click
We have an amazing partnership with Bright Data. I’ve worked with many companies before, but this is one of the best relationships I’ve had with a solution partner. Our account managers in the past two years have been great, and the engineering team is very professional.
Andrei Yaromenko from Netpeak
Andrei Yaromenko
SEO Tech Lead
Wir nutzen das Netzwerk von Bright Data, um öffentliche Webdaten zur Analyse von Suchmaschinenergebnisseiten (SERPs) zu sammeln. Wir sind mit der Qualität des Netzwerks, den hohen Erfolgsquoten und dem Service sehr zufrieden. Wir könnten uns keinen besseren Partner wünschen.
Clint Ruch
Senior Vice President of Engineering at Key Holdings
The ability to work at scale has basically changed how we do things, and it has made dealing with larger clients a task that would have been impossible before.

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With the Bright Data Collector, Cervello is now able to get the online data it needs in order to focus on its core business-building intelligent, data-intensive, analytical solutions for its customers in the finance, sales, human resources, marketing, and information technology industries.
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Addressing brand protection from every angle – Red Points

Bright Data’s Web Unlocker solution allowed Red Points to easily expand its offering to more customers and improve the quality of service to existing customers. It also allowed Red Points to re-allocate its workforce from debugging and unblocking tasks to other activities, saving the company great resources.
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The SEO transformation – Reddico

The online data collection capabilities provided by Bright Data have revolutionized Reddico’s approach to providing SEO insights and has changed the landscape – providing brands with greater knowledge when making key decisions.
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Data-driven products for smarter shopping solutions – Shoptagr

By using Bright Data’s Web Unlocker, Shoptagr is able to take advantage of Bright Data’s stable network, and get access to the public data they need, with barely any downtime. They are also building a crowdsourcing platform to collect all of the items their users are searching for, and give all users access to them.
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