Cloudflare Error 1020 - How to Avoid?

Error 1020 example

Encountering Cloudflare Error 1020 can be a big roadblock when you’re trying to scrape data from websites. This error means that Cloudflare, a security service used by many websites, has blocked your access because it suspects your requests might not be safe or are coming too quickly.

Why Does This Error Happen?

When you’re scraping a website, your script sends a lot of requests to the site very quickly. If a site uses Cloudflare for security, it might see these requests as suspicious and block them, leading to Error 1020.

How to Avoid Cloudflare Error 1020

  1. Slow Down Your Requests: Make your script act more like a human by adding delays between requests. This can help avoid triggering security measures.
  2. Change User Agents: Rotate through different user agents to mimic different browsers and devices. This makes your requests look more natural and less like they’re coming from a single source.
  3. Use Proxies: Proxies can be a big help in avoiding Cloudflare Error 1020. They let you send requests through different IP addresses, so it doesn’t look like all the requests are coming from the same place. There are a couple of proxy types that work well:
    • Residential Proxies: These look like they’re coming from regular home internet connections, which are less likely to be blocked.
    • Rotating Proxies: These change the IP address used for each request or at set intervals, making your scraping efforts harder to detect and block.
  4. Follow the Rules: Make sure to check the website’s robots.txt file and scrape only where it’s allowed. This helps avoid triggering security blocks.
  5. Try Headless Browsers: For tougher sites, headless browsers simulate a real web browser, which can help navigate around security challenges.

Bright Data’s Solutions

Bright Data offers proxy solutions that are great for getting around Cloudflare Error 1020. They have a wide range of proxy types and manage them in a way that keeps your scraping smooth and reliable. In addition, our Web Scraper API is also handy, taking care of the technical stuff like proxy rotation for you.


Cloudflare Error 1020 might seem like a big problem if you’re scraping data from websites. However, with a few smart moves like slowing down your requests, using different proxies, and rotating user agents, you can get the data you need without getting blocked. Bright Data’s tools are specifically designed to make this easier, helping you scrape efficiently and stay out of trouble.

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