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Awarded  #1 Proxy Ecosystem

  • Scrape real-time public data from eBay with the world’s #1 proxy infrastructure
  • Never get blocked while collecting data from eBay
  • Unblock eBay from 195 countries
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  • 99.9%network uptime
  • Unlimited concurrent requests
  • Avoid detectionand CAPTCHAs
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Powered by an award-winning proxy infrastructure

Over 72 million residential IPs, best-in-class technology and the ability to target any country, city, ZIP Code, carrier, & ASN make our premium proxy services a top choice for developers.

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eBay Proxies from every country in the world

72 million+ real residential IPs means never having your IP blocked again. If you’re looking to scrape eBay data and collect public information, Bright Data is the industry’s most trusted proxy network. Don’t be caught without the data you need by getting blocked or cloaked. Bright Data eBay proxies perform at peak times & at large scale, when you need proxies the most.

Get easy access to eBay data with our high-quality proxy services that will send your requests from geo-locations that you choose.

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82% Off - Cut your scraping costs82% Off - Cut your scraping costs

Cut your scraping costs

  • Automated session management and IP rotation
  • Minimize failure with 100% ethically-sourced residential IPs
  • Natively integrated with advanced web unlocking technology
  • Dedicated monitoring and analytics for greater reliability
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Proxies for scraping

eBay proxies for your data collection needs

Use Bright Data to anonymously browse and collect public eBay web data. Our proxy infrastructure is the most reliable and is trusted by over 20K+ businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Enjoy the highest success rates in the industry at 99.99%, and explore a variety of automated web data collection products from the award-winning #1 Proxy Ecosystem. Rotate between four Bright Data proxy types: Residential, Mobile, ISP, and Datacenter.

Looking for an easier solution? Use our scraping solutions to scrape eBay. Want to skip scraping? Buy an eBay dataset.

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Why developers prefer Bright Data's eBay proxies

  • Höchste Qualität der Dienstleistung
  • Größte GEO-Abdeckung
  • Beste Netzbetriebszeit
  • Schnellster Output

Beste Leistung

Die höchste Erfolgsquote in der Industrie

Non-stop Innovation

Neue Funktionen jeden Tag
Trustpilot rating 4.6

Am zuverlässigsten

Unternehmensebene Skalierung

Unkomplizierte Integration für einen einfachen Start

  • Verwalten Sie Ihre IPs über das Bright Data Control Panel oder die API
  • Dokumentation für Entwickler
  • Unterstützt die Integration von Drittanbieter-Software
  • Unterbenutzer erstellen und verwalten
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Benutzerfreundlich mit dem beliebtesten Proxy-Manager des Internets

  • Das beliebteste benutzerfreundliche Proxy-Dashboard
  • Organisieren Sie Proxys mit einer einfach zu bedienenden Oberfläche
  • Problemlose Integration für Neueinsteiger
  • Definieren Sie benutzerdefinierte Regeln für optimierte Ergebnisse
  • Gebaut für Entwickler. Angetrieben für das Unternehmen

Der führende Anbieter von Proxies und Datenerfassung

Category leader in proxies
Täglich werden 650TB an öffentlichen Daten gesammelt
Number of ISP proxies
Neue Funktionen werden täglich veröffentlicht
Serving 7/10 universities
Skalierung auf Unternehmensniveau
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4.8/5 höchste Trustpilot-Bewertung in der Branche

Why developers prefer Bright Data eBay Proxies