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Collect results from any search engine to analyze website traffic & keywords, improve SEO, and to perform product & brand placement, lead generation, and trend monitoring

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Revolutionize your on-page & off-page SEO strategies with real-time competitive insights, keyword, & backlink intelligence

  • Monitor organic search results for reputation and brand management, and for product development
  • Bypass Captcha on any SERP for keyword research, brand & competitor rankings, on-page & off page optimization with Bright Data’s SERP proxies
  • Get SERP data in real-time to alert customers about page ranks, losing traffic, & where their competitors appear.
  • Get insight into the titles, keywords, descriptions, and links to create high-quality content that generates organic traffic from search engines
  • Discover new backlink opportunities with data delivered regarding social media posts, website mentions, job & company profiles

Identify the next customer trends, conduct deep market research, & generate leads

  • Get past rate limits & collect Trends Data from popular search engines for quantitative research purposes
  • Power machine intelligence solutions with SERP data for analytics & to find the next big consumer trends
  • Extract metadata from SERP for lead generation with the Search Engine Collector
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Make every piece of content rank

  • Expose competitive content gaps to compete for consumer attention in previously unrealized areas of interest
  • Tap into multiple sources at once when conducting research to maximize your high-performing content
  • Find duplicate data that may be impacting how you rank
  • Understand how your content performs regionally without getting blocked from vital local data because of your location
  • Generate the most traffic by identifying top influencers & understand what your key audience likes

Optimize your paid campaigns & reduce cost per click with real-time data​

  • Zero in on the best-converting keywords, understand their search volume, and the types of search queries you want to attract
  • Focus your advertising with more compelling and relevant ads to raise your Quality Score and decrease cost-per-click
  • Get informed in real-time about newly added keywords to refresh ads and understand your ad strength
  • Determine the best-performing digital campaigns with fresh trends & shopping pages data
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