Dave Walsh

Co-founder and CEO of Mathison
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Mathison offers the first-of-its-kind innovative all-in-one system to manage diversity recruiting, strategy measurement, and reporting. The platform centralizes hundreds of inclusive talent networks and uses AI to help employers find candidates for their most important roles. To retain a pool of diverse candidates, Mathison gives employers a single place to manage their diversity hiring activities. This includes sourcing diverse candidates; reducing bias in job descriptions; candidate selection and interviews; and mobilizing team members in diversity hiring efforts with tools to build awareness and change behavior. Its clients include companies such as Hello Fresh, TripAdvisor, and Sonos.

In order to collect publicly available online profile data, Mathison uses Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE. This has enabled them to access and collect massive amounts of the specific public online profile data it needs, critical in building its diverse platform and talent network.

“In 2020, social justice initiatives and the shift to managing culture and diversity in remote settings led to greater interest in our services. Bright Data has been an extremely valuable partner in helping us meet our growing demands for online data, as we’re able to outsource our data collection and management efforts. Without their technology, we’d be forced to build and maintain datasets manually every time we partner with a new organization, which would take time and resources away from our team’s ultimate goal of matching underrepresented talent with their dream jobs.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between underrepresented job seekers and employers committed to inclusion by helping employers cast a much wider net in their hiring. Our partnership with Bright Data will greatly help us bring this mission to life.”

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David Amézquita
Product Manager at Container xChange
xChange logo
Im Rahmen unseres Produktschwerpunkts, der sich auf die Lieferkette konzentriert, benötigen wir alle zuverlässigen öffentlichen Webdaten, die wir bekommen können, um unseren Kunden wertvolle Einblicke in Echtzeit bieten zu können.
Sarah Melville
Data Science Specialist
Ohne die Möglichkeit, öffentliche Webdaten aus dem Internet zu sammeln, können wir nicht wissen, wann eine Marke in allen Medien präsent war und welche Reichweite sie hatte. Ohne die Unterstützung von Bright Data könnten wir nicht so schnell wachsen, wie wir es tun.
Danny Issroff
Product Lead at CRED Investments
Bright Data is an indispensable part of our data universe - with the breadth and freshness of the web data, the different relevant datasets available, and the reasonable price.

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